Tips to Get Your Patio Furniture Ready for Spring

Tips to Get Your Patio Furniture Ready for Spring

Are you ready for Spring to spring? For the days to start stretching out? For the smell of the grill to drift through the air as fireflies fill the night and you sit back with a pitcher of Sangria to take it all in? Everyone is ready!

These days, everyone is tired of the long winter nights and sweater weather. In short….bring on !

Which makes us think about going outside.

Which makes us think about our patios.

Which makes us think about our patio furniture….uh oh.

Yeah, that same patio furniture that is currently sitting under 6 inches of snow all forlorn on the back deck that doesn’t even cross our minds from November to March. That same furniture that we REALLY want to use in a few months as the days get warmer and we sit back to soak up some Vitamin D. With that in mind, we need a plan. One that will help us achieve our goal of outdoor summer fun while also ensuring that our furniture is ready for everything life can dish out.

Are you ready to see what we came up with? Then keep reading!

Check for Damage

First step? Check for any obvious damage. Do you have broken pieces? Chipped paint? Missing cushions? This is where we dig in and get our hands dirty. We prep for summer and make our space the envy of everyone we know.

As you start setting up your patio for summer, take the time to inspect each piece from all angles. This means not only looking everything over from the top, but also taking a very close look at what is happening behind the scenes. What do we mean by that? Pretty simple, you’ve got to flip it over and check out the bottom. Look for any legs, supports or seats that are bent, cracked, rusted or any other defect that could affect the structural integrity of your furniture.

See anything glaring? Then it’s time to move to the next step!

Patio furniture in spring

Fix the Big Stuff

Now, about those defects. Time to fix them!

Are they caused by sun damage? Then here are some great tips to help you get started. Or perhaps they were caused by age, weather or simply being used and enjoyed? Whatever the issue, take the time now to repair what you can.

If you are unable to complete these repairs on your own, then consider working with a company like Guardsman. We are dedicated to helping our customers repair and preserve their favorite pieces for years to come. After all, it took time and effort to find the perfect pieces for your space. So our goal is to help you enjoy them!

Keep it Clean

Once your furniture is repaired, it’s ready for the next step. Cleaning! (Everyone’s favorite, right?!?!) But don’t feel like this is time spent in vain. Cleaning your furniture is actually one of the best ways to preserve it.

Believe it or not, dirt and debris can cause longhyphenterm and sometimes irreparable damage. Tiny particles can work their way down into the cracks of your furniture and cause damage from the inside out. This same debris can ruin cushions, reduce the integrity of your paint and even cause discoloration.

So…we clean. The type of furniture you have will dictate the steps you need to take and if you have questions, just reach out. Our team stands ready to help you find the exact mix of solutions you need to give your patio furniture new life.

Protecting Your Furniture

After you put in all of this work, then the last thing you want to do is have to start over from scratch next year. So, be proactive! Don’t wait until March to even remember you have patio furniture.

First, if you can’t store your furniture out of the elements, then invest in furniture covers. This will protect your patio furniture from the worst of the elements while also helping to keep it dry.

Next, bring any outdoor cushions inside for the winter. Again, this is a simple step that anyone can do to extend the life of their furniture.

If you want to take further steps, then that is where the Guardsman team can come to your rescue. We have the tools and experience on hand to help you protect your patio furniture from everything life has to offer. And if it needs to be repaired? Well, we can help with that too!

So give us a call. After all, you worked hard for your free time. And our goal is to help you enjoy every minute!

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